Breeding Finches

The Art of Breeding Finches

Finches make for great pets, not to mention great additions to any home.  For the Finch lover, a natural progression may be to get a male and female Finch together and attempt to breed them. However, there is an art to breeding Finches. Breeding Finches successfully requires a good amount of time, effort, care, and even money. Not only do you have to take care that the Finches that you currently own are in perfect health, but a good breeder also makes the consideration for the offspring that these Finches may have, and the care that they require. If you’ve made up your mind to give breeding Finches a try, then you may find this post a helpful resource.

breeding finches

Requirements for Breeding Finches

To make breeding Finches, or any types of birds for that matter, easier and more likely to be successful, one needs to make sure that the breeding set-up is complete and ideal. In order to do that, the following requirements must be met.

  1. Selecting your Finches- No breeding will take place if there are no Finches to breed, so the first step to successful finch breeding is to select the birds. Finch breeders need to make sure to have at least one male Finch and one female Finch that are of the same species. While it is possible to cross breed Finches of different species, it is a more complex process. It is easiest to breed Finches of the same species.
  2. Check the age of your chosen Finches- You don’t want Finches that are too young or too old. Both characteristics will make breeding Finches all the more difficult. It is best to go with Finches that are sexually mature, which are anywhere between six to nine months of age.
  3. Good physical health- So much of breeding follows the adage “survival of the fittest”. This is why you’ll want to make sure that the breeding pair that you choose are physically healthy. Check whether your chosen pair appear the right size and weight. Finches that are too thin or obese may present problems. You will also want to look at the quality of their feathers, as well as what their droppings look like. Next, make sure your Finches are free from physical defects, and appear to be bright and alert.
  4. A good bond between the pair- Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that the pair you select appear bonded to each other. If they aren’t, then you can bet that no breeding will happen!

The Breeding Finches Setup

The nest think you’ll want to do is create the perfect breeding setup. To do that, here are a few tips.

  1. Bring your breeding pair into breeding condition- Now, to accomplish this is very dependent on the type of Finch that you’ve selected. Certain species, such as Zebra Finches can breed all year round. However, if you’ve chosen Finches that only breed during certain times of the year, then you may have to trick your Finches by stimulating them.
  2. Prepare a breeding diet- To get your Finches into breeding condition, you may want to alter their diet. Feed them a diet that is high in protein. The Female Finches will also fare better with a calcium high diet.
  3. Get the birds physically ready- Finches may have long toenails that may potentially puncture their eggs. Even before any eggs are in site, you’ll want to clip these toenails just to make sure.
  4. Prepare the breeding enclosure- The final thing to do to achieve a successful breeding setup is to prepare the breeding enclosure. You will have to decide whether you would like a one pair per cage set-up, or a colony set-up. Of course, if you only have a pair to start with, then you will have to go with the one pair per cage set-up.

After you’ve prepared all this, then the waiting begins. While you wait, make some careful notes and observations. Only then will you find out if a pair needs to be split apart and paired with another Finch. Hopefully, you will have taken the proper preparatory steps to make breeding finches a success for you!