How to Take Care of Your Zebra Finches

Finches Zebra

Any bird lover will be fascinated by all sorts of Finches, but if he or she is looking for a lovable and amusing pet, that is also easy to care for, then he should look at some Finches Zebra. Finches Zebra, also known as Zebra Finches, or Poephila guttata, is perhaps the most common and familiar breed of finch. Not only is this variety of Finch found in most of Central Australia, but it has also been spotted in other places such as Indonesia and East Timor. Finches Zebra have been found to be easily adaptable to different environments, and as of late, the breed has also been introduced to countries like Puerto Rico, Brazil, Portugal and even the United States.

finches zebra

Finches Zebra’s Adaptability

The Finches Zebra’s adaptability have allowed it to become great pets and household companions. Almost anyone in the world can keep a Zebra Finch at home provided they know how to care for them properly. Below are some easy to follow tips on how to care for Zebra Finches in your home.

Caring for Finches Zebra at Home

  1. Housing for Your Zebra Finch- The Zebra Finch can tolerate environments ranging from 5 degrees Celsius to about 30 degrees Celsius in temperature. Because of this fact, homeowners can choose to either keep their Zebra Finches indoors or outdoors. This breed of finches may also be kept in cages or aviaries. That is up to the homeowner’s discretion. Wherever you end up keeping your Zebra Finch, there are just a few things to remember. Make sure that the environment in that place is stable and not erratic, in order to give birds time to acclimatize. What’s more, make sure that your Finches Zebra are not exposed to heavy rain.
  2. Cage size- It is understandable that we all live in different sized homes, and not all of them may allow for huge cages or aviaries for our pet Finches Zebra. However, we do advise that you keep your pet’s cage as big as possible. We cannot stress enough how Zebra Finches love to fly around, so every extra bit of space for your Finches will surely be appreciated.
  3. Extra Equipment- Don’t think that when the cage for your Zebra Finch is set up, then your work is done. You need to secure some other things too. Make sure you have a drinker for their water, and pots for their food. These 2 things should be secured in opposite ends of your Finch’s cage. You are also encouraged to invest in some perches, or a little bathing bowl for your Zebra Finches, since these birds are notorious for their love of bathing and swinging.
  4. Feeding- Caring for your Finches Zebra will not be complete until you learn how to feed them properly. You will need to find a good seed mixture for your pets, with a good amount of millet and canary seed. Make sure that your birds have easy access to their food at all times. If they get enough exercise (due to a good sized cage), then you shouldn’t have to worry about them gaining weight.

When you take into account these tips and reminders, you should find that caring for your Finches Zebra to be easy enough! If you give them the right environment, your Zebra Finches can thrive and can even live up to 10 years!