Some Important Info You Should Know About Society Finches

Society Finches: What Are They? 

The Bengalese Finch, or the Meeuwen ( in Dutch) is the same bird that we refer to as the Society Finch. The Society Finch is actually a cage bird and cannot be found in the wild. Some researchers say that Society Finches are descendants and a domestic version of the White-rumped Munia. Due to its easy adaptation into captivity, as well as its pleasant demeanor to humans, the Society Finch was baptized as such.

Society Finches have fascinating traits. Studies have found that these types of birds are very easy to breed. Not only that, they are said to make excellent foster parents to other types of Finches. These reasons make these birds popular, and well-loved pets.

Should you plan to keep a pair of Society Finches for yourself, here are a few facts that may help you do that more easily:

society finches

Identifying Society Finches

It can be difficult to identify a male Society Finch from the female kind. This is because, unlike other kinds of Finches, the male and female Society Finch look very alike. Perhaps the best way to identify their gender is through their behavior. Males tend to hop around more, and are said to trill a very specific song.

Feeding Society Finches

It is not difficult to feed Society Finches. These birds prefer a diet of large millet seeds. Occasionally, pet owners may opt to feed them a mixture of greens and egg food. The parts of the egg, such as the shells, serve as an important source of calcium and protein for these birds.

Breeding Society Finches

Should you plan to breed Society Finches, it may be good to remember that their very nature of being sociable may get in the way of successful breeding. To encourage them to breed, you may want to provide different nesting boxes all through out their enclosures. Another tip would be to separate these birds into pairs. Otherwise, they may tend to just socialize in the company of other Finches and neglect to breed.

Caring for Your Society Finches

It is always good to remember that the Society Finch is a bird that has never lived in the wild. Therefore, the survival skills that may be found in other types of Finches may be absent in them. Make it easy for your Finches to survive by providing them with their basic needs. When setting up their cage or enclosure, make sure that the area is one with the right temperature, and has protection from the harsh natural elements like rain, extreme heat, or even snow. Another thing to remember is to keep them in an area free from predators, such as rats or cats. Inside their cages, make sure that food and water are always present, and easy to find. From time to time, be sure to give them ample sources of protein, vitamin D and calcium.

Caring for Society Finches can prove to be a very rewarding task. Do it right, and you should be able to enjoy the company of these beautiful and entertaining birds for years to come.